Spicy Mini Prawn Rolls

Crispy skin, tasty crunchy filling, that’s what makes a good spring roll that we all love. When dipped into sweet chilli sauce, it’s even better. Nothing else needs to be said about spring rolls. Here I would like to introduce the mini version. For those of you who are unfamiliar, these come with spicy prawn filling. In Singapore they become more popular during festive seasons. I started making them when I was in my teens. While they disappear fast, they take twice as long to make. That’s alright by me, I find it extremely therapeutic.

What you’ll need:

100g dried shrimp
8-10 dried chillies
5 shallots
3 garlic cloves
2 candlenuts (buah keras)
1-2 tsp sugar
1 egg white for sealing the prawn rolls
canola oil for frying
1 packet 5” x 5” spring roll wrapper, cut into 4 equal squares.

Here’s how:

Clean and soak the dried prawns in water for 15 mins.
Drain the water and place the prawns in mini food processor and grind to get a fine minced consistency. Set aside.
Cut up the dried chillies with scissors, easier to de-seed the chillies this way, and soak the chilli flakes in warm water for 10mins.
Drain and place them in the mini food processor, careful not to include the seeds.
Add in the candlenuts, garlic & shallots. Grind till you get a smooth paste.
In a small non-stick saucepan, without oil, fry the minced prawns till mixture is a little dry.
Then add in the chilli paste and mix well. Season with sugar and pinch of salt.
Once the mixture is dry, mixed through and changes color, remove from heat and transfer into a bowl.

Wrapping the prawn rolls:
Cut the wrapper into 4 equal squares.
Take a piece of the wrapper and place 1/4 tsp of the prawn mixture onto the edge of wrapper and fold as a normal spring roll.
Seal the edge with the egg white.
Once they are completely wrapped, deep fry them till golden brown.

Note: The prawn mixture, can be done ahead of time and stored in the fridge. The mixture will change it’s color, gets darker as it keeps.

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3 Responses to Spicy Mini Prawn Rolls

  1. Nora is the dealer to my addiction of these yummy mini prawn rolls. I’ve ordered bags of them. Once you pop you can’t stop!

  2. They are very addictive indeed! I’ll make more for you for Raya!

  3. Jackie says:

    Can I order from u

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