Larb Gai Roll

Larb Gai Roll

Soft white skin, colorful filling hiding under a beautiful translucent skin. And so, the ritual goes, dunking it gently into the dipping sauce, taking a good mouthful to let the bold flavors explode, waking our every senses. Oh hello, welcome to the wonderful world of rice paper rolls.

Over the years, I have done my fair share of rolling these babies out for parties and quiet dinners at home. Prawns and leftover roast beef have always been my protein of choice for the filling. Lay them over a bed of crunchy julienned carrots, cucumbers, spring onions, red capsicum and top it all off with the trio of herbs of sweet basil, coriander and mint. It’s hard not to salivate while patiently and gently assembling them together. Every roll has to be perfect. It has to capture your attention with just a glance before you reach out to grab one.

So I wanted to inject more flavor and spice to these rolls and I thought of Larb Gai. I often feel the flavors of Larb Gai gets lost when eaten with rice. It’s time to become more intimate with the old Larb Gai. I wanted to pimp it up a little. And I’m glad I did that. They turned out beautifully. We just couldn’t get enough of them. Three bitefuls and the roll is gone. Before we knew it the whole platter had been demolished. What is often eaten as a starter has now become a main meal for us. The epitome of healthy and filling finger food.

Roll over prawn and beef. There’s a hot & spicy chick mincing it’s way onto the plate.

Larb Gai Roll

Here’s what you’ll need:

Larb Gai
100ml Low Sodium Chicken Stock
500g Chicken Breast, Minced
1 Small Red Onion, Cut into thin wedges
1/4cup Fish Sauce
1inch Ginger, Finely sliced
1 Red Chilli, Finely julienne
1 Spring Onion, Finely sliced
1/2tbs Chilli Flakes
1tbs Ground Rice
1tsp Sugar
Pinch of Salt
2Tbs Lime Juice
1/2cup Mint Leaves
1/2cup Sweet Basil Leaves or Basil Leaves
1/2cup Coriander Leaves
2tbs Salted Peanuts, Roughly chopped

Rice Paper Rolls
1 Packet Rice Paper Rolls
1 Big bowl of Warm Water
1 Lebanese Cucumber, Finely julienne
1/2cup Red Capsicum, Finely julienne
1cup Bean Sprouts
Handful Mint Leaves
Handful Sweet Basil Leaves or Basil Leaves
Handful Coriander Leaves
Handful Baby Spinach
Handful Lettuce

Note: The combination & quantities of vegetables for the roll is entirely up to you.

Dipping Sauce
3tbs Fish Sauce
2tbs Lime Juice
2-3tsp Brown Sugar
1 Red Chilli, Finely Sliced

Here’s how:

Larb Gai
Heat up chicken stock in a wok or saucepan over medium heat.
Add chicken and red onion.
Cook chicken till meat is no longer pink and cooked through.

Add fish sauce, spring onion, chilli flakes, ginger, chilli, ground rice, sugar and salt.
Mix well and cook for further 2 minutes before transferring into a large bowl.

Add lime juice, mint, basil and coriander leaves.
Taste for balanced of flavor.
Add fish sauce, lime juice or sugar is necessary.
Lastly sprinkle the crushed salted peanuts over the mixture.

Rice Paper Rolls
Dip a sheet of the rice paper into the bowl of warm water for just 30 seconds.
Gently place the rice paper onto your work surface, making sure it doesn’t tear.
Place desired amount of lettuce, baby spinach, cucumber, bean sprouts, capsicum, larb gai and trio of herbs.
You can roll it up two ways, either tuck everything in and wrap it up completely or you can leave one end open like a baby wrapped in a blanket.

Dipping Sauce
Mix fish sauce, lime juice and sugar in a bowl till sugar completely dissolves.
Add in the chilli.
Do make adjustments to get your desired balanced of flavor.

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